Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome to the New Writer's Washroom Annex!

After several weeks of frustration with the site where I was archiving my work - and linking to Works-in-Progress, I decided the time had come to change the archives.

In other words, it was time to move the Annex. After trying a few different sites, and considering trying to "host my own URL" and such - which is so far beyond my technical ken that it makes my head hurt, I finally decided on this.

Yes, it's a blog. But, heck, I've pretty much always called the Washroom my 'blogsite.' It's all just terminology to me.

I've made this as user-friendly as I can. In the left-hand side are "starting points" for works-in-progress and for the various types of non-fiction I've written and published. A link to The Pop-Up Prophecy script, and the short film made from it are there as well.

I made the decision not to repost Wasteland, the appalling short story I wrote and had published back in the day, because I'm going to rewrite the damn thing as practice. When it's complete - which shouldn't be long - I'll post it here.

I've also posted an unpublished script, Afterword, which was written by myself and Thomas Beck - one of my good friends and long-time blog members.

For Heroes..., The Wyrd Magnet, and Conduit, each chapter in each work is linked to the next. At the bottom of the Heroes... Prologue is the link to Chapter One. This will be standard operating procedure.

Please look around and check things out. Some of this is fun to read, and some is just informative. I've reposted a couple of items from works here to the main blog, so you can see where this comes from.

It's taken about two days to put this together, link it all, and de-clutter the main blog. I'm fairly well delighted with the results, so I won't be offended if you just want to do some reading here. (Oh, yes, I borrowed a clue from a reader and decided to go with printer-friendly black text-on-white background. You are very welcome.)

Feel free to leave comments here, there, or anywhere you wish. I'm happy to have the readers. At the moment, I'd suggest that if anyone wants to become a "Friend & Member" on the blog, to consider joining at the main one. That will still be the site where most of my work is done. This is primarily to give readers an easy way (finally!) to dig through my stuff.

Welcome to the Annex! Please enjoy!

Heroes... starting point - Prologue - "Darkness"

The Wyrd Magnet starting point - Chapter One - "Sub-culture"

Conduit starting point - Prologue - "Obelisks"

Non-fiction starting point

The Pop-Up Prophecy (script and short film)

Afterword (script only)