"Heroes of the Shining Way" is my written-and-completed novel that I decided need to be rewritten and completed anew.  It's giving me the biggest problems of all my writing projects.  It needs to be overhauled almost entirely.

For the moment, I have posted the Prologue and the first eight chapters of the newest version, even though I suspect that some or all of these chapters will vanish entirely, or will be rewritten or re-ordered as I need.

Until that time, enjoy.  And if you feel strongly about any of the Heroes work, feel free to leave me a comment telling me so.

Prologue - "Darkness"

Chapter One - "Malcolm"

Chapter Two - "Dunbar"

Chapter Three - "Sloan"

Chapter Four - "Melbourn"

Chapter Five - "Harbordown by Day"

Chapter Six - "Tzal"

Chapter Seven - "Harbordown by Night"

Chapter Eight - "The Shining Way"