Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Non-Fiction Starting Point

Yes, it's true: I've got quite a bit of non-fiction on this site. I was a columnist, writer - and later the staff writer - for an alternative/community newspaper in Jackson, Mississippi called Planet Weekly. I have also written as a freelancer for other newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. (I've also done some copywriting, but as I don't own those works, I'm not posting any of it here.)

I've broken things into groups. If you want to see some of what I've done, just follow the links. Everything is now hosted on this site.

This isn't everything I've written. In fact it's around 15-20%, but I posted some that I feel proud of, and some that I think reflect the work that I - or the newspaper or periodical - were doing.

I have changed none of the content of the pieces, even if bits are poorly-written, badly-dated, or just cause me to shake my own head. (The one exception is the "New Life for Women" article, and my reasons for changes are listed there.) I have made a few formatting changes - such as italicizing when I forgot to, and removed phone numbers, email addresses, or website addresses that are either no longer in use, or might bring unwanted attention to people in the pieces.

By and large, what you read here is what saw publication. And when I say "publication," I mean print, thank you.

Planet Weekly features and articles.

Planet Weekly columns.

Planet Weekly interviews.

Articles and features from other periodicals.

Press releases.

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