Sunday, June 7, 2009

Planet Weekly Columns

These are various columns I wrote for Planet Weekly - under the names "From the Extremes" and "The Bipolar Extremist."

"2004 Post-Election Blahs"

"Adrift on the Sea of Consciousness"

"Bumper-Sticker Politics or the Band That Scared Your Mother Has Sold Out"

"Choose Your Own Election"

"Civil Unions"

"Conventional Migraine"

"Crossroads Film Festival Post-Game Report"

"Deserve vs. Desire"

"A Farewell to Johnny Ramone"

"Geek Flag Ideologies"

"Head vs. Heart"

"The Healing Power of Violence"

"People Are Afraid"

"The Politics of Death"

"The Predator Connection"

"A Random Bit of Twaddle, Geeks, and Frank Melton & the Maytals"

"Run, Rudolph, Run!"

"Santa Claus's Political Affiliations (with Footnotes)"

"Where the Hell Are Them Chemical Weapons?"

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