Short Stories

These are the short works I've been working on.

"A Chilling Wind" is completed and I'm seeking a publisher for it now.  Read "A Chilling Wind."

"In the Closet, On the Shelf" was written for this past Halloween, to go up on the blog of an online colleague, David Hunter and his The Campfire Pages.  It's flawed, but fairly entertaining.  I'll be editing it soon.  Read "In the Closet, On the Shelf."

"Melbourn's Storm" is the first and only short story I've written set in the world of my "Heroes of the Shining Way" universe.  It's been edited many times, and a new one is nearly completed.  Read "Melbourn's Storm."

"Ploughman" was written to be submitted to a San Diego-based anthology.  And I'm proud to say that early next year, it will be in that anthology, entitled "A Year in Ink, Volume 4."  Published (in print) by San Diego Writers' Ink, it will be my first fiction short published in a long time.  I've taken the oldest version down from here, since I'd like it to be read the correct way.

And, with nowhere else to put this, I've added the prologue and opening chapter to an idea, called "Conduit."  This is not very well written, and I'll be the first to say it.  My writers' group - the North County Writers of Speculative Fiction - will be the second, third, and fourth to say it.  Perfect strangers?  Fifth and sixth.

But I want it up here, if only to remind my fix to either leave it alone or fix the dang thing.  If you're feeling brave, read "Conduit" - Prologue/Chapter One.